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FAQ for Vendors

What is MagicSouk?
MagicSouk is an Online market place where everybasic shop, Business , home based business get easy opportunity and access to sell online with an online shop.

What kind of products vendors can sell online through magicsouk?
MagicSouk gives opportunity to sell anything and everything except the things that violets the society.

What is the Procedure?
Give us a call on the number in the section above. Our customer care exceutive will assist you with the due details.

What does Magicsouk charge?
No, Magicsouk does not take any charge as a Rental Charge.We only take a minimum Registration fee.

How many products are allowed to sell?
Their is no capping on the number of products,you can sell unlimited products with your online store/shop.

How is the information of the vendor's shop shown?
We give vendors their own page with the vendor's shop name and the right information of the shop.

How can we do promotion of the shop?
We will give Vendor's URL of the shop with that any types of promotion of can be done.

How the orders is Processed?
The seller get the order on the phones and after the buyer select the mode of payment and the delivery date given by the seller is suggeted,the fulfillment of the order is done

How is our shop visible?
Go to the Find Your Street Shops option and location wise your shop will be easily visible.

Can Vendors Keep the record of orders?
Yes,You can Keep the track of all the orders, you have the backend. You can easily accept on cancel the order too.

Does it require any coding?
No, there is no coding requirement we have already done everything for you, vendors only have to come online and start selling online.

Is it easily accessible from mobile Phones?
Yes, MagicSouk is a mobile friendly site. Every order and access can be done through mobile phones also.

Does MagicSouk charge any hosting?
No. Their is no hosting fees.

Can Vendors add discount Coupons?
Yes, Vendors can easily generate discount Coupons for sales enhancements.

How order is tracked?
Every order is automatically updated to the shops of vendors with the delivery details.

Can Vendors/Shopowners Cancel the orders?
Yes, order cancellation can be done and the duration of its cancellation be made by the vendor easily.

Is Vendor's data Secure?
Yes, as you have your own shop with personal passwords, Your data is totally secured in your own safe hands.

Can we track history of the order?
Yes, as everything lies with you, you can easily

Can gift Voucher be Generated?
Yes, MagicSouk itself has generated gift Vouchers they are easily accessible for vendors to make in use.

How does vendors resolve the dispute of their customers?
You can keep the track of the disputes arouse and resolve them accordingly.

How does vendors resolve the dispute of their customers?
You can keep the track of the disputes arouse and resolve them accordingly.

If the customer of the vendor want to contact the vendor how can they do?
The Vendor's complete information is given on the page, the customer can contact the vendor on the right information given.

FAQ for Customer of Vendor

Can I track the status of my order?
Yes, you can track the status of your order in your order under name section after login into your account.

How can I make changes to my order before and after confirmation?
You can edit your products in the cart before checkout. If you've already placed your order, you can cancel and reorder your list.

Payments/Refund Related Queries

How can I make payments at MagicSouk?
MagicSouk accepts multiple modes of payment. You can make payments using credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, PayTM, PayU Money and Cash on delivery (COD) is also available for orders less than Rs. 5000.

Cancellation & Returns

How can I cancel my order?
MagicSouk provides easy and hassle-free cancellation. You can cancel your order through website within 2 Hours of Orders. This option is available under your name section after login into your account.
Please note: Once the order is dispatched the order cannot be cancelled and the customer is liable to make the due payment.

What If I want to return something?
If you're dissatisfied with the products delivered, please register a complaint via website within 24Hrs hours for non-perishable items and 2 hours for perishable items. Our customer support team will get in touch with you to resolve this issue. You can also return the products which you are dissatisfied with, at the time of delivery and we will get the refund initiated for you.

What if I have any complaint regarding my order?
You can use the "Contact Us" section on the web. Our customer care executives are always happy to help.

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card to shop on MagicSouk?
Yes, it is. All transactions on MagicSouk are completed via secure payment gateways which are PCI and DSS compliant. We do not store your card details at any given time.

Can I schedule an order to my convenience?
Sure. After placing your order you can call us for the convenient time.

Delivery Related Queries

Do you charge for delivery?
Vendor's can make the delivery charges according to their place of delivery.

Can I sechedule an order to my convinence?
Sure, When the order is placed you can contact the vendor for the convenient.