Privacy Policy

We respect the value of 'Privacy Policy' so we can disclose what information we collect about you and how we use, store and disclose such information. We want to help you make an informed decision about whether or not share your information with us. Magicsouk reserves the right to revise, modify add or remove provisions to their Privacy Policy at any time. Prior notice at times could not be given according to the situation or problem being seen by Magicsouk. Keep the note of the last updated version of this 'Privacy Policy'. We will notify the dates of change in Privacy so that you can be updated for the last dates of tge updated Privacy Policy. By doing their you acknowledge that you have read and understand the revised Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information

To make your shop online, we may collect your personal information such as ..

1.) Your Name , Your Company Business Name or shop name,photocopy of identity document such as aadhar card copy etc.

2.) Your Delivery/Billing Address, Telephone Number, Email-id.

3.) Information of Products and services given by you.

4.) We handover all the privacy to shop holder/vendor once we Create their Shop.

5.) All the Backend is handed over and the vendor can easily make changes in password for further security reasons

How We Use Your Personal Information

1.) To validate you as our registered online vendor.

2.) To provide support to you, if in some trouble.

3.) To respond to any question or concerns you may have regarding our network, or service.

4.) To ensure security for you.